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About us

What is Strategist magazine?

Launched in Spring 2014, Strategist magazine UK (aka ‘the Strategist‘) is the new ’boutique’ business-to-business magazine for the boardroom table and the business lounge. It consists of a high-end, quarterly print issue and this responsive digital platform, each of which offers unique and complementary content.

Strategist magazine front cover

Strategist print issue #1.

Strategist magazine presents strategic insight to business leaders – people for whom strategy, impact, social entrepreneurship, ethics, globalisation, the digitally enabled enterprise, and more, are core concerns. For more on our vision, click here. For a breakdown of our readership data, click here.

Who is it for?

Strategist magazine is for the leaders of all types of organisations, enterprises and teams: board members, C-level executives and senior managers in the private, public and third sectors – both large organisations and small – together with anyone who wants to set up or run their own business. We seek to share knowledge, best practice, and inspiring examples.

What’s in it?

The Strategist says six things: this is Leadership; these are Organisations to learn from; here are inspiring People; this is what’s happening in World Affairs; here’s how to govern enterprise Technology; and here’s how to master Business Travel. Click on any of the highlighted links, above, if you would like more information on that section.

It combines a beautiful, full-colour print publication (high-quality print is booming within professional niches) with this smart, responsive, mobile-first platform, which is designed to deliver a curated, ebook-style experience, which is updated periodically rather than constantly. All of our content strives to have longevity, rather than to be time-specific – even if it is commenting on a recent event.

Over time, this ‘digital edition’ will become a searchable matrix of strategic ideas and opinion. Our analytics prove that readers engage with long-form content. On mobile devices there’s no longer any meaningful distinction between an ebook and a website.

Strategist magazine (UK) is a quarterly 'boutique' print title backed by this responsive, mobile-first online resource.

Strategist magazine (UK) is a quarterly ’boutique’ print title backed by this responsive, mobile-first online resource.

We don’t publish news, only original thought leadership, analysis and comment. Each version of the magazine publishes content that is unique to that platform. Some articles on this website will be accessible only to people who follow us via our Twitter page @strategistmag

In time, there’ll be conferences and boutique events, plus a range of one-to-one courses and mentoring (on leadership, public speaking, and more). Plus, we’re launching a standalone, spinoff title, Kickspark, which will focus on starting new ventures and raising the funding for them.

Who publishes it?

Both Strategist magazine and have been conceived, developed, edited, and designed by Chris Middleton (click to read an interview), and are published by startup EastwoodMiddleton, a new company founded by Chris and fellow author, journalist, magazine editor – and award-winning photographer – Gary Eastwood.

Entre layout

Sample layout.

EastwoodMiddleton produces high-end, ’boutique’ titles for business, professional, and aficionado readers. We are a limited company with unlimited scope, linking a global team of experts around a shared vision. We have an editorial office in Brighton, UK, but we meet wherever we need to, in the real world and the virtual, without any legacy of old ideas about what a publishing house should be.


Strategist contacts

Twitter: @strategistmag

Chris Middleton (Editor in Chief)
07986 009109 (UK)

Gary Eastwood (Executive Editor)
07810 607973 (UK)

Advertising and sponsorship
Tony Green (Ad Sales Manager)
07900 883910 (UK)

01273 208781 (UK)

Media enquiries
01273 208781 (UK)

Editorial and production office
01273 208781 (UK)


Registered Office: The Courtyard, Shoreham Road, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex BN44 3TN, UK


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