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Why not place a new-style advert on our home-page grid

Advertising online with Strategist magazine gives you a space on our ever-changing home-page grid, linked to a page like this one, on which you may have a display ad, text, links, a video, or any combination of these.

You may also like to advertise in our core product, our beautiful quarterly print publication, or in our forthcoming Kickspark supplement.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Advertising, sponsorship and readership data
01273 772267

Other media enquiries

01273 772267

Read me: our policies
We welcome advertising, in print and pixels (see below), from any company or organisation that shares our commitment to quality, excellence, originality and independence.

We welcome professional business and technology advertising, and also advertising from areas, such as leisure, personal technology, handmade or bespoke items, and other goods and services that may be aimed at senior decision-makers. We love companies that invest into their own communities.

In return for your investment, we give you your own, clearly marked spaces among our independent editorial. We say no to advertorial, and we don’t accept advertising that has editorial strings attached.

We understand that some publications offer editorial coverage in return for money. We don’t and we never will, and we don’t endorse any products or services. However, we may offer preferential rates to social enterprises and community organisations whose aims and outcomes we may choose to support.

Advertising slots: print
Our quarterly print publication (perfect bound, matte-finished, and printed on high-white, uncoated stock) offers the following advertising spaces:
Full page, run of print
Guaranteed position full page
Single-page inside back cover (IBC)
Single-page outside back cover (OBC)
Double-page spread (DPS) run of print
Opening double-page spread (ODPS), (inside front cover and facing page)
Belly band
Inserts (subject to approval)

The same slots will also be available in our Kickspark supplement, except belly bands and inserts.

Advertising slots: pixels (online)
We offer a unique package. Most visitors to websites dislike banner advertising and popups. We offer something different: a box on our constantly shifting home-page grid, in amongst our editorial content.

Each box linked to a separate full-page screen, on which you may share text, images (such as a display ad), or video, together with your website address and contact details. Of course, any material shared or linked to via this site must adhere to our guidelines about content.

Please contact us for prices and to discuss your needs.

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