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Advertising and readership data

Strategist magazine – our beautiful, matte-finished, perfect-bound print publication – and our innovative, responsive website at both offer superb opportunities to showcase your products and services. Click the button, below, for our latest ratecard and media pack – it will take you to a separate download page: click the link on there. To contact our sales team, please use the details at the foot of this page.


Our readers

Strategist magazine is for the leaders of all types of organisations, enterprises and teams: board members, C-level executives and senior managers in the private, public and third sectors – in both large organisations and small – together with anyone who wants to set up or run their own business. We celebrate skilled men and women, best practice, diversity and excellence, and cover leadership, organisations, people, world affairs, technology, and business travel.

Our analytics

• Nearly twice as many people spend more than 30 minutes on our site than click off after a less than one minute.
• Forty-six per cent of our visitors are women: we’re aiming for 50 per cent.
• Every single page on has an average engagement time measured in minutes.
• Our most popular articles have an average engagement time of between four and six-and-a-half minutes.
• Adverts and media partner pages all have an average engagement time of over one minute.
• Average time on the site is nearly five minutes.
• Our visitors read an average of nearly four articles.
• Many of our visitors are in their 20s and 30s, meaning that we are achieving our own strategic aim of reaching ambitious high-achievers and millennials rather than executives who are nearing retirement age.
• Nearly two-thirds of our visitors are UK based, but we have significant reader numbers in the US (our second largest territory at 20 per cent), India (third, with six per cent), Brazil (fourth), and in China, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Russia, the Philippines, most parts of South America, and throughout Northern, Eastern and Southern Africa.
• Please note: Strategist magazine and this website are new ventures, launched in Spring 2014. Strategist magazine will publish more detailed statistics once we have been live for a longer period and can present an accurate picture of user numbers and behaviour.

Our global reader map

Our website visitors by country: only the very palest areas have no visitors. Darker areas mean more visitors.

Our print readership

• For our quarterly print issue, we are building a focused controlled-circulation list of 5,000 C-level executives within the UK, which we will achieve by the end of 2014.
• As of August 2014, our list includes 3,500 named strategic executives, including every C-level executive in the FTSE 350.
• We are actively partnering with a range of relevant organisations, including exhibition organisers, social enterprises, consultancy services, and world-renowned business schools.
• Our strategy in year two is to make the quarterly print issue additionally available in select business lounges, boutique and five-star hotels, private members clubs, airline cabins, and other outlets favoured by business leaders.

Advertise with the Strategist

Strategist magazine (UK) is a quarterly 'boutique' print title backed by this responsive, mobile-first online resource.

Strategist magazine (UK) is a quarterly ’boutique’ print title backed by this responsive, mobile-first online resource.

We welcome advertising, in print and pixels, from any company or organisation that shares our commitment to quality, excellence, and independence.

We welcome professional business and technology advertising, and also advertising from areas such as leisure, personal technology, handmade or bespoke luxury items, and other goods and services that may be aimed at high net-worth individuals and senior decision-makers.

In return for your support of Strategist magazine, we give you your own, clearly marked spaces among our independent editorial, in print and/or online. We say no to advertorial, and we don’t accept advertising that has editorial strings attached.

Advertising slots: print

Strategist magazine, our beautiful, matte-finished, perfect-bound print publication, is the perfect place to advertise high-quality products and services. Each quarterly issue offers the following opportunities:
Full page, run of print
Guaranteed position full page
Single-page inside back cover (IBC)
Single-page outside back cover (OBC)
Double-page spread (DPS) run of print
Opening double-page spread (ODPS), (inside front cover and facing page)
Inserts (subject to approval)

Please download our media pack from the button above for prices.

Advertising slots: pixels 

Most visitors to websites dislike banner advertising and popups. We offer something radically new: a box on our constantly changing homepage grid, amongst our editorial content. Each box linked to a separate full-page screen, on which you may share text, images (such as a logo or display ad), or video, together with your URL and contact details.

Please download our media pack from the button above, or contact us to discuss your needs.


Our quarterly print issue offers single sponsorship packages on the ‘openers’ (self covers, see image below) of each of our six sections: LeadershipOrganisationsPeopleWorld AffairsTechnology; and Business Travel.

Strategist 'People' section opener

A sponsor’s logo will appear beneath the words ‘Independent editorial in association with…’. You may link it with a full-page or DPS advert within that section of the main issue.

Please note that we do not offer editorial coverage in return for your sponsorship investment. Please do not ask for oversight or approval of any Strategist editorial content.


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Chris Middleton, Editor in Chief
07986 009109 (UK)
All other media enquiries
01273 208781 (UK)


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