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An announcement from the publishers of Strategist magazine



Strategist magazine’s quarterly print issue and our digital edition – this responsive, mobile-first website – were always designed to be part of a much bigger picture.

Our aim is for Strategist magazine – aka ‘the Strategist‘ – to become a trusted mentor and guide; a personal assistant for leaders in the private, public and third sectors, offering them strategic insight and guidance.

What happens next…

In the coming months and long into the future, the Strategist will expand into a series of linked ideas, programmes, events, and spin-off publications.

Among our advisors and contributors are experts in areas that are essential for leaders to master, and yet the need to acquire these skills is often overlooked by leaders themselves.

Those skills include: public speaking and presentation; motivation; confidence building; media management; team building; entrepreneurship; and leadership itself.

We also want the people we write about to share their insights and experiences with our readers. In the coming months, we will create the platforms for them to do so.

As we raise our profile by word of mouth – which is core to our own strategic plan – Strategist magazine will unveil a series of new ideas and programmes in the months ahead, including one-to-one and one-to-many mentoring courses for senior executives (beginning in Autumn 2014). We also plan ’boutique’ events and spin-off publications.


We will also be announcing partnerships with world-respected organisations and acknowledged experts in the fields of business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more. Stand by for more information in the weeks ahead, both on this website and on our Twitter feed @strategistmag.

• Before then, we are proud to announce two rounds of venture capital investment into the Strategist‘s publishers, EastwoodMiddleton, to aid our expansion and to back our plans.

If you are interested in finding out more about the types of mentoring courses and training programmes we will be offering, please contact our founder and Editor in Chief, Chris Middleton.

Contact the Strategist team here.

And if you have a specific set of needs – or if you would like to contribute and discuss ideas of your own – then just pick up the phone and start a new conversation. That’s what we’re here to do.

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