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Kickspark (supplement)

Launching new ventures, and raising the funding for them.


Kickspark will be Strategist magazine’s spinoff publication, a lean, inspiring, and informative look at a range of key subjects when starting your own business, such as: securing investment; community impact; sourcing; creating ethical supply chains; social entrepreneurship; finding customers; crowdfunding; building markets; networking; product development; and the digitally enabled enterprise.

So whether you’re launching an app, an open data project, or a new device, an organic food supplier or a small-batch coffee house, a clothing retailer or a haute couture label, a community enterprise or a cloud corporation, then Kickspark is indispensable.

Stand by for more details of the Strategist‘s spinoff venture and associated events in the coming months, and look out for:

Publisher’s note
It’s first thing in the morning for our own startup business. Strategist magazine is just putting on its coat, grabbing its bag, and stuffing its phone into its pocket for the new day. But once we’re fully up and running, we’ll offer all the above and so much more. 

Kickspark will be edited by Gary Eastwood and published alongside Strategist magazine, and then developed as a standalone title. We are looking for appropriate sponsorship partners. For details of sponsorship opportunities in both Kickspark and Strategist magazine, please click the ‘Sponsor us’ button on the main navigation bar.


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