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This is a message from a Strategist magazine media partner.


89cf49c2-1a7e-4abc-8959-a3189eda57fb_130_100 is a new and radically different news, comment and analysis resource for the UK technology sector.

NEW: We are approaching the exciting and important area of the use of ICT in the public sector with a fresh eye. We are less interested in old scandals and failed projects – the mainstay of reporting on this space for the last generation – than the real innovation, accomplishment and contribution that ICT has to make to improve society and help the taxpayer. That’s right: we think both are equally important. is DIFFERENT because we want this to be a site for YOU: the buyer, consumer, or maker of technology. We will be your main resource for what’s happening, best practice, insight and comment on the field – not a repository for spam and press releases.

We will do this via our own highly competent team, as well as a network of premium tech content and editorial from a set of trusted, relevant partners, making the only place you will need to come to.

Welcome to the fresh and supportive voice that the sector has been denied for too long.