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Our Vision

Why we’re leading the revolution in business publishing.


The Strategist sees in colour. We know that our professional readership wants a forward-looking agenda – one that includes impact, governance, ethics, social entrepreneurship, and how to manage the digitally enabled enterprise. Not black and white, but no dull shades of grey either.

We know that print is flourishing – it’s growing – as a premium product in high-end niches, despite what most people believe. And we know that many websites are based on 1990s ideas: point and click, a beige box on a desk in a business park. So we’re changing things. We’re starting a new conversation.

Who we are, what we do

Strategist magazine offers strategic insight to business leaders.

Strategist magazine recognises ideas, people, excellence, merit, diversity, skill, commitment and best practice. We put original ideas and great business writing in front of people who want to make a difference. We publish independent, bylined journalism from people who have a story to tell.

We think noise is the thing that’s always on – it’s clickbait and cats. We’ve designed this site so that you pause and browse a curated ebook of unusual fare rather than bombard you with thousands of noisy stories. Think of it as an owner-run store, not a supermarket.

We believe that digital shouldn’t equal brief or superficial. Our articles might be 400 words, or 4,000, because there’s no longer a meaningful distinction between an ebook and a website. We offer high-end executive briefings.

We think that tablets encourage both window-shopping and deeper engagement. Some people watch vines on them, others movies; some people read tweets on them, others full-length novels. Most of us consume all of these and more.

We believe that not all information should be valued by the speed at which it moves. We believe that speed is an addiction, and addictions lead to low-grade products.

We put our readers on a pedestal by recognising their intelligence. We want them to remember us. And we want to find new voices, new perspectives, new ideas.

We believe that the key to inspiring, informing and entertaining readers is to be a real-world mentor and guide, not to recycle press releases. We hate jargon and acronyms – our print issue typesets them in tiny letters to minimise their importance.

But we know that advertisers want to be associated with value too, and with brands that value quality as much as they do. So we welcome advertising and sponsorship from any company or organisation that shares our commitment to excellence, originality, and independence.

We welcome professional business and technology advertising, but also advertising in the fields of leisure, personal technology, bespoke goods, and services aimed at senior decision-makers. In return for that investment, we give advertisers their own clearly marked spaces among our independent editorial.

We say no to advertorial, and we don’t accept advertising that has editorial strings attached.

But most of all we welcome our readers. We promise to put you first. Strategist magazine is for you, and we hope you love it as much as we do.



Signal, not noise.
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