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Section 1: Leadership

How to master it, and why you should. Tools and inspirations.


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Each issue, part one of the six-section print magazine looks at what we call ‘painkillers for the head’. It identifies the main personal and business challenges that face leaders of every type of organisation, then helps them make informed decisions, do their jobs better, and further their personal and career development.

Subjects will include
Management skills and theory; ethics; public speaking; media training; succession planning; the challenge of success; the lessons of failure; governance; equality and diversity; change management; mentoring and coaching; personal philanthropy; entrepreneurship; inspirations; and more.

For example, Issue #1 of our print edition includes the following features:

Strategist magazine 'Entrepreneurial Executive' opening spread

The Entrepreneurial Executive
How can senior managers and leaders think more like entrepreneurs, or hold onto the entrepreneurial vision they once had? How can large organisations be as innovative as the most ambitious startup? Paul Hannam, managing director of the Fast Growth Club, has spent 25 years teaching and coaching senior executives, including in some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies.

Strategist magazine 'Confidence Bank' opening spread

The Confidence Bank (series)
Leading an organisation in boom-time can disguise leadership problems that only come to light in leaner, more challenging times. International leadership trainer Guy Howley, who works across Europe, the US and Asia, offers practical, in-depth insights on inspiring yourself and others. Plus, he shares his experiences of dealing with different cultures and lifestyles.

Strategist magazine 'Confidence Bank' feature spread

All the World’s Your Stage (series)
The conference stage is a shop window for anyone who aims to put themselves, their work, their team or their products on the map – and social media will record their efforts for posterity. So why waste the opportunity by blundering into mistakes that may haunt you forever? Former actor and public-speaking trainer Mike Jenkins presents a series of practical guides to shining onstage, whatever your natural ability.

Strategist magazine mini features spread


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