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Section 2: Organisations

The right shape, the right approach. Why it works for everyone.


Strategist Organisations 1

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Each issue, this section recognise the most important ideas, issues, trends, models, ‘pain points’, and challenges for organisations – both locally and globally, today and in the future. 

We share real-world examples and inspiring stories about how and why some organisations, companies, business models and ideas are succeeding, and others are not – for their customers, users, stakeholders, employees, owners, or shareholders.

Subjects include:
Successful ideas; inspiring stories; social entrepreneurship; emerging trends; organisational models; governance; best practice; talent management; diversity; equality; workers’ rights; mutuals; multinationals; SMEs; public, private and third-sector models; social enterprises; pop-up ventures; shareholder versus taxpayer value; corporate social responsibility; regulation; and more.

For example, Issue #1 of Strategist magazine covers:

Strategist magazine 'Substitute!' opening spread

Why are companies as diverse as Porsche and Inditex flourishing, while other companies are haemorrhaging customers? And why is the mass middle-market being pulled apart at the seams? The answer is a new trend: substitution. International consultant Neil Gibb reports on how to adapt and survive in markets that increasingly favour speed, innovation and convenience on the one hand, and exclusive, aficionado-based experiences on the other.

Strategist magazine 'Substitute!' feature spread

Dog Without a Horn: HMV
Strategist editor Chris Middleton takes a controversial look at how a once-legendary music label and retailer, HMV, has lost its way and may now threaten the smaller businesses that have kept people’s passion for music alive.

Strategist magazine 'Gangster Economy' layout

The Gangster Economy (series)
In a fragile economy, you’d think that every enterprise would put its customers first. So why, in the face of overwhelming evidence that customers need to feel valued, are some organisations becoming ever more aggressive and remote? Chris Middleton points the finger on behalf of some angry consumers.

Strategist magazine 'Substitute!' feature spread


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