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Section 3: People

Movers, mavericks and thought-leaders: inspirational voices.


Strategist 'People' section opener

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The People section in each issue of Strategist magazine features some of the most fascinating, inspiring, successful, interesting or controversial figures who are leading organisations in different parts of the world – along with people whose opinions, outlook, philosophies and experiences may inform, outrage, entertain or intrigue the people who are.

These are people whose opinions may challenge your own. They may inspire you, tell you something new, make you look at the world differently, or offer a radically different perspective.

From around the world, we’ll feature: C-level executives; mentors; presidents; thinkers; teachers; academics; MPs and statespeople; elders; innovators; investors; entrepreneurs; mavericks; technologists; philanthropists; economists; entertainers; policymakers; market-makers; campaigners; protestors; hackers; lawmakers; and more.

For example, Issue #1 of Strategist magazine includes:

Strategist 'Marc Benioff' opening spread

Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of
“The mind of a fox in the body of a bear,” says the Strategist of the technology industry CEO. Benioff is a showman who is as committed to guerrilla marketing and The Art of War as he is to corporate philanthropy and community spirit – as keen to hang out with rock stars as he is to sit at the feet of spiritual gurus. So what’s the truth behind the ‘big bread and circuses’ of Benioff’s leadership style?

Zena Martin meets… (series)
A leading advocate for diversity and equality in the workplace, Zena talks to the people whose job is to make society more inclusive and fair. With regulations shaping ever more stringent rules about how organisations should behave towards their staff, Zena offers advice on the emerging world of work and why it’s important to increase diversity and equality.

In Issue #1, Zena talks to Baroness Goudie, co-founder of the 30% Club – an organisation that aims to increase the number of women in top management roles – about the challenges facing female leaders today, the importance of mentoring, and why “there’s a special place in hell” for women who fail to help other women. But “it’s a mistake to say ‘she’ll do’ just because someone has breasts and is breathing,” she says. “Such a woman is being set up to fail.”


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