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Section 4: World Affairs

Strategist World Affairs opener

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The big world outside your organisation. The key global issues.

From economics, global sourcing, human rights and sustainability to political dissent and global shifts in power, the Strategist‘s World Affairs section features leading figures on the world stage, including international academics and economists from global organisations, think tanks, development agencies, and business schools.

From issue to issue, subjects will include:
The rise of Asia; developing economies; dissent, protest and political unrest; foreign direct investment; international finance; skills; terrorism; security; finance; risk; global business and local politics; sustainability; the environment; energy security; employment trends; sourcing; human rights; war; equality; diversity, and more.

For example, in Issue #1 of Strategist magazine:

Strategist Embedded Economist clipping

The Embedded Economist (series)
1: The Power of Dissent
Writing as James Ian McKay, ‘The Embedded Economist’ is a senior economist from one of the world’s largest international organisations. In his first exclusive piece for the Strategist, McKay looks at the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, and asks whether similar waves of dissent could spread south and east – to sub-Saharan Africa, or to India and China. He asks what the Arab uprisings have achieved, and explores the complex role of mobile communications and the internet in public protest.

Strategist Embedded Economist clipping 2

The Shadow System
What’s worth $60 trillion and rising, is largely unregulated, and is sucking wealth out of national borders? The shadow financial system is now a major part of international finance. Chris Middleton reports, in a new, revised, updated and expanded version of an article first published in Professional Outsourcing magazine (edited by Chris Middleton), with permission from original co-author, Matt Jones.


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