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Section 5: Technology

Strategist Technology clipping

The strategic technology issues beneath your business vision.

Insights into the digitally enabled enterprise. The Strategist demystifies the strategic and governance issues behind the technologies that support all types of organisation, from open data, business intelligence, analytics, mobility, privacy, legacy systems, data security and cloud platforms, to big data and other over-hyped ideas.

What are their strategic business impacts? And how can IT be managed within the organisation when suppliers are moving increasingly towards services?

For example, Issue #1 includes:

The New World War
If you believe the vendors, cloud computing services recognise no borders. But the truth is different: hardware based on land, under national – mainly US – laws. Europe wants to change all that, and so a transatlantic war over data ownership has begun. Meanwhile, the Snowden revelations prove that governments have seized access to people’s private communications on a scale that’s unprecedented and has no public mandate. What does all this mean for organisations that want to host their data in the cloud? Together, Chris Middleton and Stuart Lauchlan have done more than most to keep these issues on senior executives’ radar. Here, they present a brand new analysis of the latest developments.


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