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Section 6: Business Travel

Strategist New York 2

How to travel the world for business. Just ask your P.A.


Business Lifestyle and Travel
Our innovative back section, Your Personal Assistant, explores how business works in different continents, countries, cultures and even cities (with our occasional city guides for business travellers).

How should Westerners launch ventures in different parts of Africa, China, or Eastern Europe? How does each country treat foreign direct investment? And what are the risks? Plus: where could you hold a customer event in Paris, and where should you take your clients in Cape Town? We have the answers.

Issue #1 of Strategist magazine kicks our programme off in style:

Strategist New York 3

Your Personal Assistant: New York City
From the Bronx to Battery Park, from Harlem to Hells Kitchen, from the Museum Mile to the private members’ clubs of Midtown, New York City presents a thousand worlds and a million opportunities – but also risks to the unwary business traveller. The first of the Strategist‘s occasional city guides avoids the obvious and strikes out on its own, pacing the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn in search of new experiences and exciting ideas. From the simplest hints and tips to insider advice on boutique hotels, from original ideas for launches and business events to how to while away Sunday in the park, trust Your Personal Assistant to always have your best interests at heart.

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