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Strategist FAQs

All about this website, and about Strategist magazine


What is Strategist magazine?

Strategist magazine – aka ‘the Strategist‘ – is a high-end, quarterly boutique print publication, aimed at the leaders and aspiring leaders of all types of organisations.

What is

This website is the mobile-first digital platform for the print magazine. Updated only periodically, it publishes a curated selection of long-form articles taken from the print publication, together with occasional analyses, opinions, and reports that are only available online.

What does the Strategist cover?

Strat 2Leadership, organisations, people, world affairs, enterprise technology, and international business and travel. We print only independent editorial, in-depth analysis, and original thought leadership. (No vendor opinion pieces, no press releases.)

Isn’t print publishing dead?

No. High-end print is booming, just as the market for vinyl recordings is. Here is a blog about it, and here is a Pinterest board of recent print publications – hardly a dead market, as you can see. This Strategist article (from Spring 2014) puts all of these developments in the context of other aficionado markets.

Why isn’t this website updated more often?

We don’t believe that all information should be valued by the speed at which it moves. Each curated, long-form article published here is designed to have long-term, rather than news, value. Over time, is designed to become an archive of strategic thinking, issues, and debate. This isn’t a news portal: it’s a complementary platform for our flagship print title.

Is your content free?

The curated selection of content on this website is free to everyone. In 2015, we will be making some unique, ‘hidden’ content solely available to followers of our Twitter feed @strategistmag. The print magazine has a controlled circulation of C-level executives and decision-makers.

Why does the website feature such an unusual design?

With tablets and smartphones, there is no longer a meaningful distinction between an ebook and a website. Our colour-coded grid is designed to encourage browsing, investigation, and in-depth reading. Our analytics tell us that it works: people engage with this platform, and spend several minutes on each page, not seconds.

Who publishes it?

Strategist magazine and were both conceived, developed and designed by business and technology journalist, editor, and author Chris Middleton. Both are edited by Chris, and the titles are owned and published by EastwoodMiddleton Publishing Ltd.

Do you accept external submissions?

Not usually. We commission original work from journalists, analysts, authors, researchers, and academics. We do not accept opinion pieces from vendors or PR companies. We do not publish advertorial. (If an article has a connection with a specific company, we acknowledge it.)

What about advertising?

We welcome advertising in print and on this website. We publish full-page display ads in the quarterly print issue, and our own bespoke form of advertising on this website: a square (marked ‘Advertisement’) on our homepage grid, linked to a standalone webpage. We do not offer banners or any other display advertising formats on this site.

Our media pack and further information about our readership and advertising rates can be found here.

What else can you tell me?

Over time, Strategist is designed to be an umbrella brand for boutique events, conferences, and one-to-one mentoring.

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