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Boutique business print publishing meets smart digital media


Print isn’t dead, it’s thriving. But it’s moved into what some people call ‘print plus’. We prefer to call it ‘print’.

“Print has gone up market and into focused niches where it’s understood by a new movement that loves it,” says editor Chris Middleton. “Strategist magazine is part of that. But print’s also gone back to the streets where it began, where it’s equally loved by a younger generation that’s discovering the joys of the handmade, the local, the community, the tactile, the unique. Strategist is part of that too.”

Our print publication – beautifully designed, matte-finished and perfect-bound – is in the vanguard of a movement that understands that print’s beautiful new home is in ideas-driven, tailored publications that offer depth, touch, integrity, and quality.

Where’s the evidence?

Little White Lies, Monocle, Frankie, Hero, FrameSleek, Disegno, Dansk, Surface, Another Escape, Optology, Hungry Eye, Huck, Road BookLondon Boat, Fantastic Man, Hunger, Exit, Art Review, SystemMilk, Flaunt, Prestage, Lula, Printed Pages, Dapper Dan, The Gentlewoman, and literally thousands more, are just some of the many recent magazines that represent a new golden age for the printed page, titles that understand that not all information should be valued by the speed at which it moves or by how little it costs. 

The Strategist is the first UK business magazine to understand those ideas and production values take them somewhere new. We believe in the ‘long now’, to use Stewart Brand’s phrase, not the millisecond.

But this is no coffee-table publication or vanity mirror for wealthy executives. Our ground-breaking print design celebrates the real world, with all its flaws and fascination.

“Online, people don’t pay for information, they pay for convenience,” says Chris Middleton. “They like whatever doesn’t get in their way, because the web’s 100 per cent about fluidity. But with print, they want something to get in the way. Print’s about a different dimension and a different sense: it’s about time, it’s about feel.

“Our digital strategy aims to make online publishing more pleasurable. We want people to browse, explore, and experiment. But when they find something they like, we want people to read it in depth. Think of us as an ebook and a real book, with a shared set of ideas.”

Where can I get the magazine?

The print issue is published quarterly. The medium-term plan to go bi-monthly, then ten times a year.

Strategist magazine is available via controlled circulation/subscription, and will also be available free in some business lounges and conference centres, in select hotels, in private members’ clubs, and, we hope, in select airline cabins.

The final milestone in the print strategy sees the magazine having a limited newsstand presence in airports and other travel hubs, in business zones and city centres – and in select independent newsagents. The cover price will be £8.95, but subscribers will receive each copy for £5 (a £20 annual subscription).




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