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Video: Sue Austin

UK artist Sue Austin goes deep-sea exploring in her wheelchair





We love this video at the Strategist. The reason is simple. As British artist Sue Austin explains to her TED audience, when people look at her in her power chair in the street, they see someone trapped, imprisoned in a chair, defined by physical disability. In short, they see someone with limitations. But for her, the chair represents the opposite: freedom, the ability to move, to escape, to have no limitations. So she created something amazing: a deep-sea wheelchair to demonstrate just what that freedom means to her, and what one person can achieve with what others see as limits.

So we love this video because Sue’s achievements are beautiful and inspiring. But we also love it because it represents some things that we believe: that success is about people and ideas and creativity; that accepted wisdom may be accepted, but it’s not always wisdom – indeed, it may be the opposite; and what some people see as limits are other people’s ideas of freedom – starting points for exploring the world.

The section from 3′ 53″ onwards, as Sue explores the ocean in her chair, is astonishing. 

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